Meet the Maker

Hello! 👋 I’m Heather and I own The Old Island. I’ve been a stay at home mom since my first was born twelve years ago. I officially opened the shop in 2017 when my last baby was becoming less of a baby very quickly. I had more time on my hands with my older two heading to school, so my sewing hobby turned into a small side hustle. I never thought it would turn into something so amazing and something I’d enjoy so much!
I’ve been sewing since I was little. My mom taught my sister and I and we would sew little odd shaped dolls clothes and purses out of scraps. Mostly purses. Squares are the easiest to sew. I didn’t sew for quite a few years, except for the odd pants hem, and then my mom gave me a sewing machine for Christmas several years ago. I started up again with making a few random things for gifts or around the house. Then I made my kids reusable snack bags and a few friends wanted some. And it’s just grown and evolved from there.
Meaning behind the name:
I grew up in St Joseph Island, a tiny island in northern Ontario. It’s the kind of place that becomes part of your identity, being so small and unique. We moved to London almost 10 years ago now, but still spend as much time visiting our families on the island as often as possible. My husband and I both grew up there, so there is no shortage of family to visit. 
The second meaning comes from my kids - Theodore (The), Oliver (Old - the oldest of the three) and Isla (Island). They are a huge part of my business and why I started it, so I love that they are represented in such a big way.
I love creating for you and your adorable littles. My kids would be drowning in clothes by now if I never opened up this shop and I’d be in deep debt with no way to fund my fabric addiction! I love that I’ve been able to turn this hobby into a business that’s also helping support my family.
Thanks for checking out my shop and I hope you find something that you love!